My first bar experience


It was about this time one year ago when I had my first real bar experience. A bunch of girls that I worked with at JC Penney were going to see a band at a local bar. I was only 20, but I was also tired of missing out on all of the fun, so I used my older sister’s ID to get in. Thankfully, the bouncer was too drunk to realize that I’m not anywhere near 5’8″, blonde hair, or the age of 27, so I got in no problem.

I quickly pounded about four red bull Vodka’s within an hour of entering the door, and who knows what else. I’m sure it was a lovely evening, but honestly I don’t remember one damn thing.

I rode to the bar with a couple coworkers after we pre-partied at on of their houses. All I brought with me was my sister’s ID, cash, and my car keys. Unfortunately my car keys fell out of my pocket on the ride over, and were left in the back seat of that girl’s car. I then went home from the bar with my boyfriend and without my keys. That was the first night that we ever had sex. So around like 4:00am when I was a little bit sobered up, I realized that I needed to go home so I could get up at 6:00am and go to work. That was about the time that I realized that I had no keys. No problem, my boyfriend could give me a ride home, and then my mom could take me to work.

We get to my house and my mom’s car is in the driveway so I know she’s home. Front door was locked and since I had no cars keys, I also had no house keys. This led to taking a lawn chair to the side of the house and hauling my drunk ass through my bedroom window. By this time it was about 5:00am, and I realized that even though my mom’s car was home, she wasn’t. I then realized that my boyfriend had lost his phone and my phone was dead anyways, so I had no way to call him or anyone else to give me a ride to work. I then realized that if I wanted to get to work on time I needed to get dressed and start walking. I then also realized that this sucks.

So, I put on my heaviest coat, scarves, gloves, and a hat and started walking. I made it there on time. Three other girls that had gone to the bar the previous night also had to work that morning. We all showed up wearing the same clothes from the night before, slightly drunk, smelling like booze, and got away with it. We opened the store, someone went on a coffee run on their lunch break to keep us alive, we put up with the cranky holiday rush of customers, and we survived the experience. The girl who had my keys in her car brought them to me (up until that point I had no clue where they were), and my mom picked me up after I clocked off and took me to my car. I then drove home and slept for about 20 hours straight and regretted my life choices.